WhiteBeard is a technology company founded in 2011 with offices in Amsterdam and Beirut.

We are a team of engineers, designers and managers who understand the business landscape and offer software solutions and insightful guidance that empower our clients.

Our team has the technical skills mixed with business intelligence to help take your products from a concept to a market-ready platform.

Our team has the technical skills mixed with business intelligence to help take your products from a concept to a market-ready platform.

As a custom solutions provider,

. We offer a wide range of smart and efficient systems and products.

. We ensure that your company streamlines operations and optimizes digital strategy

in alignment with your business objectives.

Founded in Beirut, we have now expanded our operations globally and collaborated with:

Over 200 clients In multiple industries

From 15 countries

By building impactful software solutions developed with the latest technologies, we have empowered international companies and established brands to reimagine their businesses.


The reward in our work is really seeing our customers thrive but when we get an award it really makes what we do a little bit special.

Middle East Awards 2018 Winner

Funding for developing a smarter artificial intelligence-based subscription platform 2020

We have also participated in:


Why WhiteBeard

We have everything you need to build better digital experiences. Here is how we do it.

On-Time, Available, and Trustworthy

WhiteBeard is your one-stop digital solution with trusted experts working for a variety of fields and industries to deliver projects on time with guaranteed quality. Innovation is the key to success in any modern company, and WhiteBeard realizes the necessity of a reliable and accelerated time to market to meet the needs of the fast-paced technological industry.


Our extraordinary team of engineers, designers, and product managers have the rare combination of precise business sense as well as the innovative technical skills that are needed in today’s market. The knowledge and skills of this unique team have resulted in over 20 years of collective experience creating, developing, and designing engaging experiences content for the digital world.

Comprehensive and Secure

We cover all aspects of the software engineering process from specifications, design, development, testing, maintenance, and support. All systems are built with security at their core to ensure your peace of mind while you focus on your business.

A Process Everyone Understands

Our mission is to help enterprises accelerate adoption of new technologies, straighten out complicated issues that emerge during digital evolution, and coordinate the different aspects of ongoing innovation. Whether it is a consumer-oriented app or a digital management solution, we can lead your company from ideation and concept to delivery, and provide ongoing support throughout the process. We promise we won’t flood you with technical lingo, unless you’re into it!

Created for you

Our custom software development services are tailored specifically to your needs, based on your requirements, budget, and timetable. At WhiteBeard, we work closely with our clients and thoroughly understand your unique business structure and objectives in order to custom-build strategies that focus on your essential needs. In line with our mission, we have dedicated personnel that are available 24/7 to offer support to clients.

Our Offering

A wide range of smart and efficient systems and products.

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