Powered by WhiteBeard News Suite, L'Orient-Le Jour's new app is launched!

Published on Friday 5 November 2021

L'Orient-Le Jour's new app delivers real-time news, a personalized experience, and a cross-platform paywall.

For over a decade, WhiteBeard has accompanied & supported L'Orient-Le Jour in its digital journey; from overall strategizing to the recently revamped website experience.

Today, we are happy to announce yet another milestone in the newspaper's growth in the digital sphere with its new mobile application, powered by WhiteBeard News Suite.

Built as a cross-platform app, OLJ delivers a fast and smooth experience, and includes a paywall for its subscription model amongst other improvements such as:

  • Read the latest news from OLJ in real time

  • Follow your favorite topics or journalists and get your personalized feed

  • Read the newspaper’s PDF edition

  • Choose your push notification frequency

  • Subscribe to OLJ offers

Interested in building your own news product? Or just an application? Reach out today so you can benefit from our experience in the news industry.

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