Insightful reporting on subscriptions: a key requirement in a news web site

Insightful reporting on subscriptions: a key requirement in a news web site

By Rabih Moussan
Published on Wednesday 24 January 2018

An essential part of running a subscription-based news web site is monitoring and improving your performance and revenues. You will need insightful and advanced reporting to enable you to make key decisions such as:

  • Why are your users subscribing? And why not?
    You might understand why users do not subscribe, and some might even make it a point to contact you about not wanting to pay. But what's making them pay, and what content should you make more of?
  • How do your users like to pay?
    Your methods of payment are probably diverse: credit cards, iTunes payments, Google Play Store, wire transfers, or any payment processor. Which is the preferred method by your users? This largely depends on your target audience and market.
  • Which journalist or topic is making you the most money?
    Could a certain journalist be driving more conversions than others? What about the system user that is performing data entry?
  • How many articles should I allow a user to read before hitting the paywall?
  • How are your paying subscribers distributed geographically?
  • Which of your products is performing better than the other?

Analytics is a key component of your online business and your decisions should be primarily based on the activities your users and readers perform on your sites, and which experiments they react to.

Luckily, WhiteBeard CMS provides answers to all these questions and more to help you make key decisions such as modifying pricing, optimizing content production, identify your key strengths and weaknesses, and growing your business model.

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