WhiteBeard CMS enables An-Nahar to increase their unique users by 6 times in less than 2 years

Wednesday 18 March 2015

An-Nahar announced at ArabNet 2015 that they have multiplied their unique users traffic by 6 times since they switched to WhiteBeard CMS in 2012, along with a record increase in user retention, pages per session, and overall viewing time.

In an interview between Nayla Tueni, CEO of An-Nahar Newspaper, and Omar Christidis, founder and CEO of ArabNet, Tueni discussed the challenges and milestones that the newspaper has reached since their digital relaunch in 2012.

Using key technologies such as our video solution, new products were created such as An-Nahar TV, a one-stop place for all videos produced by the media organizations.

Source: "النهار" نموذجاً لنقل الصحف إلى العصر الرقمي

WhiteBeard CMS is a product that covers all the digital publishing needs of a media organization: from publishing to multiple channels and devices to measuring your performance, selling subscriptions, writing rich and visual articles, and much more.

WhiteBeard Video on Demand (VOD), handles all video streaming needs from conversion, watermarking, packaging, streaming to all kinds of devices, advertisements integration, and analytics, all in one location, leaving you to focus solely on content creation. With metrics such as retention rate throughout the video, user segmentation, and drop-off rate from video plays, you have all the data to make the right decisions.

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