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Empowering journalists with speed

Publish everywhere like a Hero

Designed closely with journalists for the past 15 years, our story editor presents powerful embedding tools, access to your full media library, photo-editing, previewing, and search engine and social media optimization (SEO and SMO) elements. Our medium-neutral tools allow you to write just once – and let us worry about making it work on every device humans have made.

With one click, take your content to the web, mobile, Facebook, Instant Articles, Twitter, Instagram, e-mail, push notifications, TV, Google Newsstand, watches, VR, and anywhere else you like. Done? How about you let us tell you how each one performed, without jumping over to every platform.

Data-driven lifestyle

Not just a mindset, but a lifestyle.

Make your decisions based on numbers: visitor behavior, section performance, author performance, user retention, conversions, and more. Our built-in analytics gives you insight for all your content on all platforms, along with real-time metrics and tools you can use to improve content circulation and creation.

Fast and cost-effecting onboarding

Switching from your current system to WhiteBeard CMS is a smooth process.

We’ve done it a hundred times, and we’ll handle everything for you from content migration to technical processes. The end result is a cost-effective system that saves you time and money.

AI Journalism

It’s not time for us to work for robots yet!

With artificial intelligence embedded in the core of our system, sit back and allow AI to write new stories unattended, tag your photos, watch your videos, optimize your content, and suggest improvements as you go. Your stories, images, and videos are churned by AI bots whose job is to improve your readers’ experience and allow your journalists to focus on what they do best.


Video beats all!

That’s why you need a full video management solution. And that’s why we have it. With video processing and watermarking tools, a full-featured multi-platform video player, detailed video analytics, advertisings support, conversion and streaming, geoblocking, CDN, and much more. It sounds like a lot, but we’ve done the hard work to leave nothing to you but uploading the video.

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Maximized revenue

Maximize your revenue with built-in paywall, subscriptions, and marketing tools.

You know the drill, and you live it: advertising revenues are going down. If you’ve already developed a subscription model or looking to have one, we’ve got you covered.

E-commerce within WhiteBeard CMS will give you full power to create free, freemium, metered paywall, and paid models for your content, at a global and granular level. Create new offers, accept payments, manage your client base using customer relations management (CRM) tools, and get insightful reporting on your performance, all in one place.

Newsroom control

Control your newsroom’s operations

Through an editorial calendar, dashboards, internal chat and communications system, and a carefully-crafted simplistic story workflow.

Draft stories, gather content from different sources, send to correction, approve for publication and publish. Each user can be assigned to events and stories, and given the necessary permissions. Notifications help produce audible and visual feedback to keep the workroom busy and running. All this with support for multiple, separate newsrooms so that you can create multiple editions and manage separate teams.

Web Sites and Mobile Applications

A great CMS cannot do its magic if it isn’t accompanied by well-designed and developed web sites and mobile applications.

Our User Experience (UX) experts and designers will carefully help you make the right strategic choices for your products, and our software developers make sure they run like clockwork. Be present on the web, mobile web, Android, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and anywhere you want.

Reliable partner

Long-term relationships & 24/7 Support

We build long-term relationships with our clients and offer them always-available expert advice, training, unlimited 24/7 support, and strategic consulting services. A team of experts, managers, engineers, and designers accompany you to reach your target goals. After all, your success is mirrored on us too!

Publishers have trusted us to move them to new heights. Our success stories show how we’ve enabled publishers to strive in digital publishing and define their position. WhiteBeard CMS is a secure system that delivers tangible results, putting you in the lead and keeping you there.

We speak many languages

When a system is your daily work, you might be better off working in your native language.

WhiteBeard CMS can let you write in any language, but it can also speak in many languages. Our multi-language interface allows any user to work in English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Portuguese, Romanian, Arabic, Turkish, and more.

Not just that! We have people who speak English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Swedish, so feel free to talk to us in any language you’re most comfortable.