Our web development team is not a set of computer programmers dosed with coffee

We`re a group of people from different fields: engineers, designers, project managers and technical managers. Our team presents to you a complete solution that extends beyond the borders of the traditional web.

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User Experience

UX is not a buzzword.

web development

If you plan on having a real business, then your audience and clients should feel at home. Our web experiences are super easy to use, clear, beautiful and visually engaging, and based on science.


80% of your users are coming from mobile

When you have 80% of your users coming from their mobile devices, they become your main target. But the world is full of devices with various screen sizes. Our designs flow smoothly as you move from large screens to tablets to mobile phones. And if you`re thinking about it, we do both gradual degradation and gradual improvments. It all depends on the project.

For any kind of business

We have built products for various verticals

News publishing, social networks, hospitals, entertainment, corporate sites, and more. Whether you want a product that is customized for your line of business or a corporate commercial presence or any kind of site, our team is capable and ready to execute.

Enterprise-grade security

Our web sites are protected from all sides.

With WhiteBeard, your clients browse your products in a safe SSL-protected environment. Your team also manages your backend with multiple layers of protection including lockout policies, multi-factor authentication, hardened servers, and heuristic protection against vulnerabilities and injection vectors.

GDPR Compliance

"We know the laws, and we work by the law. From e-mail confirmation, to consent collection, and more. Keep your users protected and stay compliant. Our team helps and does it for you."

Reliable partner

Long-term relationships & 24/7 Support

We build long-term relationships with our clients and offer them always-available expert advice, training, unlimited 24/7 support, and strategic consulting services. A team of experts, managers, engineers, and designers accompany you to reach your target goals. After all, your success is mirrored on us too!

Publishers have trusted us to move them to new heights. Our success stories show how we’ve enabled publishers to strive in digital publishing and define their position. WhiteBeard CMS is a secure system that delivers tangible results, putting you in the lead and keeping you there.

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