Content Management System

Most advanced and complete system that can power media companies’ online business. Manage a newsroom with a complete workflow allowing you to create once and publish across multiple platforms: web, mobile, tablet, wearables, TV, IoT, print, and social media.


Video On Demand (VOD)

The video revolution has arrived! Turn up your revenues and own your content with our VOD platform and management library.



Our experience allows us to give you decision-making advise, strategy, planning, and consultancy for your current and future needs.



More than 50 clients have used our evolving archiving solutions in different languages to store, index, search, and sell their content online and offline. With extensive Arabic-language support and industry experience.


Mobile CRM

Custom-built CRM solutions for your business operations, connected to workstations and mobile devices.


Social Network Analysis

Analyze, search, and track trends and influencers on social media with our research department.


Catered for You

All our products and services are catered for you – we guarantee uniqueness and we understand and build based on your business.


Virtual and Mixed Realities

We build touch-free engaging experiences with virtual reality custom applications and HoloLens-based holographic worlds.


Big data

Collecting billions of events per day, our big data systems process and consume your data to give you a data-driven decision-making process.

Complete News Room Control

Our product family and services for news and media organizations have you covered. If you have or wish to build a large-scale or small-scale newsroom, you've come to the right place!

We currently operate the digital systems of top-ranked newspapers and magazine including:

An-Nahar, Lebanon’s leading newspaper
L’Orient-Le Jour, the only French-speaking Lebanese newspaper
Ad-Diyar, Lebanon’s number 1 web site in traffic
Eurosport Arabia, the global top brand in sports in its Arabic flavor
Fatafeat, a Discovery-owned top ranked Arabic speaking food network

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Devices We Work On

Apple & Android TV

Apple & Android TV

Video is now the primary content consumed by people online. Supporting the latest TV technologies by the Internet giants will allow you to distribute, monetize, and measure your content everywhere.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Expose interactive use cases for your business from the consumers' mobile devices. Snap a magazine page to view rich content, follow navigation directions on top of your camera, and much more.

Hololens and Virtual Reality


The future is here, and we're taking part in it! Live on the fringes where reality and holograms mix to create the future computing experiences. WhiteBeard develops on HoloLens surreal experiences to complement your line of business work or wow your customers!

Apple & Android Wear

Apple & Android Wear

Stay in touch with your users via their smartwatches through notifications, fitness tracking, and other watch features.