Content Management System

Most advanced and complete system that can power media companies’ online business. Manage a newsroom with a complete workflow allowing you to create once and publish across multiple platforms: web, mobile, tablet, wearables, TV, IoT, print, and social media.


Video On Demand (VOD)

The video revolution has arrived! Turn up your revenues and own your content with our VOD platform and management library.



Organise, govern, centrally manage, buy, sell and transform on and offline data into lucrative business opportunities without multi-lingual information archiving solution. Extensive Arabic-language support is available.


Digital Strategy and Consulting

Decision-making advice, consultancy, strategy and planning that meet your unique vision for the present and future of your business.


Custom Software Development

Model, build and develop customized software solutions that turn your singular business ideas into an enterprising reality that outpaces your competition and drives revenue.


User-Interface and Design

Our visual designs are not only beautiful to look at, they are fully functional and effective. Our websites, desktop, mobile and video application interface designs are consistent and simple to navigate because usability does matter. WhiteBeard’s UX/UI design experts develop friendly and feasible prototypes that strengthen your brand identity and help boost your return, usage and revenue rates.


Mobile CRM and POS

Boost sales and improve your business operation with our custom-built customer relationship management (CRM) and point of sales (POS) systems that grow along with your business. Our simple and easy to learn CRM and POS systems allow you to streamline business operations by synchronising multiple departments and devices, quickly capturing client data, empower your sales force and ultimately increasing productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue.


Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Development

We are seamlessly merging the real world with the simulated, building touch-free, intelligent, and personalized experiences. In-store, at home and anywhere along the way, we can configure and visualise products and spaces and using virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications and Microsoft’s HoloLens.


Big data analytics

Identify trends, measure performance, develop future strategy and data-driven experiences with our in-house analytics and graphic solutions that are seamlessly integrated into our products.

Complete News Room Control

WhiteBeard can build and set-up a modern, connected, data-driven complete newsroom that rides the trend of news in real time.

Our flagship publishing and media products alongside various consultation and management services by our seasoned experts allow us to provide a full 360-degree solution for your newsroom needs.

Contact us to discuss your customised and complete news solution.

Devices We Work On

Apple & Android TV

Apple & Android TV

Video is now the primary content consumed by people online. Supporting the latest TV technologies by the Internet giants will allow you to distribute, monetize, and measure your content everywhere.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Expose interactive use cases for your business from the consumers' mobile devices. Snap a magazine page to view rich content, follow navigation directions on top of your camera, and much more.

Hololens and Virtual Reality


The future is here, and we're taking part in it! Live on the fringes where reality and holograms mix to create the future computing experiences. WhiteBeard develops on HoloLens surreal experiences to complement your line of business work or wow your customers!

Apple & Android Wear

Apple & Android Wear

Stay in touch with your users via their smartwatches through notifications, fitness tracking, and other watch features.