An-Nahar launches Premium, the first Arabic-speaking subscription news service, built by WhiteBeard

Sunday 30 April 2017

An-Nahar, Lebanon's leading newspaper, launched their Premium service powered by WhiteBeard CMS's subscription system. Premium offers a selection of exclusive content, opinions, editorials, and obituaries to An-Nahar's readers.

After 5 years of launching their digital news strategy and with challenging ad revenues worldwide, monetization became an important factor in sustaining the business. WhiteBeard worked closely with An-Nahar to develop a solution that answers the needs of readers combining quality content, affordable pricing, and accessible payment methods.

Pricing plans are available via monthly, bi-yearly, and yearly payments, and automated billing is handled by WhiteBeard CMS.

Measurement plays a key role

Measuring how each product and payment tier is performing is essential to a publisher. WhiteBeard CMS includes e-commerce reporting that allows key persons to view how paid content is performing, conversions from articles, visitors distribution, payment methods analysis, and much more.

Interested in paywall and subscriptions solutions for your business?

WhiteBeard provides customizable solutions including metered paywalls, closed models, and freemium models. 

Accept payments on your news web site by credit card, operator billing, iTunes, Google, PayPal, and or any other payment gateway.

Get in touch with us if you would like to know more.

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