Eurosport Arabia launches its new digital products with WhiteBeard

Monday 22 February 2016

Eurosport Arabia has launched their new web site and mobile applications with WhiteBeard. Eurosport Arabia delivers real-time news and sports updates to its readers, customized to their preferences and their favorite teams and players.

Our solution is a unified system that powers their web site, mobile applications, and back end systems. Eurosport Arabia uses WhiteBeard CMS and WhiteBeard VOD to serve millions of users every month. Our extensible system allowed us to build special functionalities for a sports brand, further expanding WhiteBeard CMS to allow management and processing of sports data for football, basketball, tennis, Formula 1, e-sports, and much more.

With WhiteBeard CMS, Eurosport Arabia more than tripled their traffic within a few months of switching to our optimized platforms.

WhiteBeard CMS is a product that covers all the digital publishing needs of a media organization, and can work with any type of publisher: general news, sports, beauty and fashion, food, and more.

WhiteBeard Video on Demand (VOD), handles all video streaming needs from conversion, watermarking, packaging, streaming to all kinds of devices, advertisements integration, and analytics, all in one location, leaving you to focus solely on content creation. With metrics such as retention rate throughout the video, user segmentation, and drop-off rate from video plays, you have all the data to make the right decisions. 

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